Punch is important part of mould set. Ceramic tile is formed from punches. When press is in working mode and upper punch is press on lower punch then tile is form. It is easy to use. punch is directly affect the quality of tile. With our special grade material of alloy and rubber resin we promise you of minimum problem. We gives minimum 400K strokes guarantee.

There are many types of punches according to Application.

Isostatic Punch

This is used for back side pattern of tile. This is not just a pattern or good looking design, but it has some function related to oil filling and processing. We develop separate special oil filling design according customer requirement.

Most of time tile manufacturer face problem of corner breakage, planarity and many more. That is occur from some type of mistake in punches.

Rubber or Resin Punch

This is mostly use for top side of tile. Tile surface quality is depend on this type of punch. Sometimes this type of punch also used for backside pattern of tile.

Rustic Punch

Rustic punch is used for surface of tile. In new era of ceramic tile, rustic design is necessary. Now a days rustic design is trending and compulsory for wall and floor tiles. In some special case this is use for vitrified tile also. So with the changing world we develop new rustic type of punches also.

There are some many other types of punches also like EXHAUST, STEEL and many more, but those are used for some special requirement. This are randomly use by tile manufacturer.

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